Who are We?

We are one of Australia's most experienced and respected suppliers of quality, affordable, innovative Hair Replacement Solutions!

Together with a professional full-service Salon, experienced staff catering specifically to hair replacement clients, we are YOUR one-stop shop for non-surgical hair replacement systems, supplies, tapes, glues and accessories, and will always keep you looking your best! 

Started with a vision, built with experience, grown on reputation!

I am Gayle Grainer and the founder of Hairs 2 Tomorrow. Over 20 years ago I saw a challenge . . . and an opportunity.  Hairpieces and wigs looked more like a front door mat, and a wearer could be spotted sporting a bad hairpiece from 20 paces, and up close, you couldn’t help but stare! Equally noticeable was a lack of quality affordable hair systems, together with even fewer people and places that had the skills to make the wearer look “natural and feel comfortable”. Those visions inspired me to work with several leading hair suppliers - defining, refining and developing hair systems to look more natural using human hair, undetectable with a variety of lace and skin like bases, as well as being affordable! Today, that vision and experience is the centrepiece of this company!

We Want You To Look Your Best with an H2T experience!

More than just giving you that perfect head of hair you always dreamed of, we offer you a chance to feel good about yourself again. To be confident to face every day in ways that you never thought were possible or imagined before. You may have already discovered that disappointment can be plentiful in the market . . . So before spending your hard earned money, you should know what qualities make for a great HAIR SYSTEM. If you are one of our many satisfied customers, you will already have experienced these benefits . . .  If you are a new client, you should demand, expect and get these and other benefits . . . It is our mission to make you “look and feel fabulous” with the BIG 3!

1. Undetectable & natural looking hair systems

Our lace or skin hair replacement systems ( custom made or stock ) will give you a completely natural look that is virtually undetectable as we use only 100% real human hair.

When fitted to your head with proper specialty glues or tapes, it will leave you to feel ….nothing… That’s right . . . nothing, like you are not wearing anything on your head!

Relax, knowing that even when you’re doing activities, exercise, swimming, running, surfing, your head of hair will remain undetectable.

2. Hair systems that are comfortable to wear

Starting with choosing the correct base materials and having your hair system properly fitted, is what determines how comfortable your hair will be to wear – and by comfortable we mean that it feels as if you have nothing on your head.

Nothing touching your skin . . . a totally natural feel! If its comfort you want, speak to us today.

With a professional consultation and the right advice, we can guide you into supremely comfortable hair - that even you will forget you are wearing!

3. Value For Money

Most people define "value for money" as a utility derived from every purchase or every dollar spent, and is based not only on the minimum purchase price (economy) but also on the maximum efficiency and effectiveness of the purchase!

Over our lifetime, we are expected to put our hands in our pockets and shell out regardless of whether or not we were getting value for money.

Think about it -  and apply it to your hair system, your salon services, and your consumables . . . are you getting value for money? 
We have thought long and hard about this conundrum! We are driven to providing great value in everything we stand for, our products, our services, and in particular the value of “looking great”!

Hairs 2 Tomorrow is now being discovered by hair wearers, who praise our services, product range, and convenience as exceptional value for money.

H2T CUSTOM MADE HAIR SYSTEMS -  Hair Systems engineered just perfect for YOU 

Our custom-made hair systems and our stock hair systems are a premium quality hand-made hairpiece using the finest grade human hair, manufactured specifically to a custom template made from your head, your shape, your size, your colour, preferences; ensuring the comfort of a perfect fit, comfort while wearing, natural looking and undetectable, as well as longevity. To achieve this, we only use the highest quality hair and base materials on all our hair systems which are made by professional technicians. We cover you with a money back guarantee offer to ensure your peace of mind and reinforce our quality workmanship statement.  All our hair systems have been perfected to achieve the most natural looking hairline and style. Hairs 2 Tomorrow custom-made hair allows us to tailor-make a system specifically to your head shape, dimensions, personal likes and preferences.  Some of the options for you to choose are ...


1. Base Cap Construction Materials

• Monofilament with a poly perimeter
• Monofilament with poly perimeter and Lace front
• Lace with poly perimeter
• Full Lace
• Full Skin

2. Base Size and Head Shape

We create a template which is 
an exact replica of your head shape and size
from which your hair system will
be manufactured, ensuring a perfect fit. 

3. Hair Density

From 80% - 140% to match your 
hair and desired look.

4. Hair Length

Always cut to size to match
and suit YOUR preferred look and style

5. Hair Types

Human Hair, Remy Hair,
European Hair, Chinese Hair,

6. Hair Colour

Over 80 different colours to choose from
or we can match your own existing hair.


7. Grey Percentage

We can add in any percentage of grey hair,
from a wisp to a full head, 
to match existing or to 
create an age-appropriate look.


8. Wave and Curl

From dead straight, 
to super curly, you decide 
how you want your 
new hair to look.

9. Front Contour

Shaped to match your previous natural hairline
and to compliment your face shape.

10. Hair Direction & Part

Parted left, parted right,
brushed back or freestyle 
your preference for the look you want 
is engineered into your hair system.

H2T STOCK HAIR SYSTEMS - Ready to wear Hair Systems - off-the-shelf and looking good . . . quick

Like our custom made H2T range, our stock hair systems are also a premium quality hand-made hairpiece using the finest grade human hair.

The bulk manufacturing process (ready-made hairpiece) allows the production of Stock Hair Systems to the most standard shapes and sizes that will match most clients requirements. Ultimately they can be adjusted by our stylists and cut down to your exact size. Accordingly, not only are they more economical than custom-made, but they can also be shipped quickly and be in your hands, and on your head in just a few days. A fabulous option, should you require a hair system in a hurry.

Let’s not forget our Full Professional Salon Services ON DEMAND!

Superior customer service, a discreet and unique salon set up, together with exceptional value for money, ensures that you have found the best in Australia for your personal hair replacement experience.

We are here with you from start to finish - with over 20 year’s experience in the HAIR REPLACEMENT INDUSTRY, we know this industry front to back, ear to ear, and every hair in between! Just read what our customers are saying.

We will create a template, help you to choose the right system, give you the correct advice, provide a professional in-salon fitting service of your new hair system to your head, washing, cutting in, styling, colouring, re-fusions and trimming/colouring of your own hair to match all brings it home to a new and improved beautiful you.

Back that up with a large range of consumables and supplies to keep you looking your best, there are tapes, glues, shampoos, conditioners, moisturisers, supplies, and of course the RIGHT ADVICE.

Keeping you looking good, we can forward book and set up regular interval scheduled 1 to 1 appointments, all with the convenience of 24/7 online self-booking at a date and time that YOU choose!

We are here for the long run - we invite you to join us!

Every time when you walk out from an appointment, you can rest comfortably in the knowledge that you will look your best, your hair will look perfect, feel comfortable on your head and be undetectable. WE GUARANTEE IT.

We value greatly when satisfied customers keep coming back time and time again - we know you won’t find any other hair supplier and studio that come close to being able to offer what we here at Hairs 2 Tomorrow can.

If you need assistance or unsure of what suits you best have questions or concerns, get in touch with us TODAY and we will guide you through the entire process to ensure you get the right advice, get exactly the look you want and that you will always look your best!

Expect perfection - you won't be disappointed!

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