H2T Men's Stock Hair Systems

H2T Men's Stock Hair Systems

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H2T Men's Stock Hair Systems

Our stock hair replacement systems are ready-made hairpieces, i.e. standard shape and size to match most clients’ requirements, or they can be adjusted by the stylist and cut to size. Therefore, not only are they considerably cheaper than custom-made, but they can also be shipped immediately; be in your hands, and on your head in just a few days. A fabulous option, should you require a hair system in a hurry.


Stock systems are available in a variety of bases, as well as a multitude of colours (see colour chart – colour ring available upon request). They are all made with a slight wave and have a ‘freestyle’ hair direction, meaning there is no fixed parting and the hair can be styled and brushed in any direction.

Many customers are now opting for ready-made hair systems, due to their low cost and fast availability. The downside of a ready-made stock system is that its one-size-fits-all design may not be suitable for everyone, especially those who require a larger than average base size. Plus, there are no customisable options, such as hair direction, hair density and curl and wave.  Our stock systems are designed and built with a standard specification of 100% - 130% density, freestyle hair direction and a slight wave. Whilst these specs work for most clients, they will not suit everybody.  If your requirements are a little more bespoke, a custom-made is likely to be more appropriate.

Get started now with our simple online ordering system. If you need assistance at any time or cant see what you want online, phone us or send us an email. Too happy to assist and answer any questions!

Expect perfection . . . and you won’t be disappointed!

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