Most customers demand choices, and we here at H2T, can offer those choices . . . and more!

There are variations in base designs to give you choices to suit your needs.
But how do you chose the right one? Heres some information you should know that will help.
Most people want a hair system that will provide the most natural, undetectable appearance possible. If this sounds like you, your choice is simple, full lace hair bases are the way to go.
If you're looking for a base that will last and be durable, this is also an easy decision. You should be considering a conventional hair base system.
Or maybe your needs are slightly more complex. Maybe you want a solid combination of both appearance and durability.
Maybe you have specific preferences for the type of hair used? Or the method of ventilation or style of haircut.
Either way, we have a wide variety of bases that we can create you a custom-made hair system that is right for you.

We know you're unique and choosing may be a little uncertain. But worry not, our hair replacement technicians are here to help  - and together we can ensure you make the most educated choice for your needs.
Why the variety in hair bases?
Simply put, a large number of choices is on offer because different people have different needs and for different reasons.
When you chose a hair system, your main priority might be one which gives you a natural appearance - or, your you might choose durability as your first priority. A few hair systems will have the properties of both durability and natural look.
The are 4 main categories of hair systems bases available with different materials and fabrics used, but primarily they can be divided into four.

And it is your choice to pick what will suit YOU best.

  1. 1.    FULL LACE BASE hair system:
Lace base hair systems are best when it comes to durability and also they provide a natural look. To get the best lace system, the use of fine quality lace is very important. The more of the fine quality lace that is used, the longer the lifespan of the hair system. Lace systems are quite easier to use as they are lightweight and by its very nature the pores allow for air to pass, making this choice a cool and breathable hair system

  1. 2.    MONO BASE WITH LACE FRONT hair system:
    A few systems are a combination of both durability and also natural appearance and the front base lace system is one such hair system.
The lace material is used in the front and in the side hairline area only. LACE FRONT can be made with the use of a variety of materials according to your requirements.

  1. 3.    FULL SKIN BASE hair system:
    Skin systems come in two different thickness options, a 0.03 millimetre, one of the thinnest bases on the market, and a 0.25 millimetre, for heavier hair density. Whichever you choose, a v-loop ventilation and recolouring processes make it look like it's growing right out of your scalp. Add a high-definition hairline, graduated density, and unique colour blending, and you're sure to get the most realistic and natural look possible. Your system can be cut and styled to your specifications making it ready to wear right out of the box!
  1. 4.    CONVENTIONAL BASE (MONOFILAMENT) hair system:
    Want a tough workhorse with a perfect balance between durability and a natural appearance? This might be your base! A one-inch poly skin around the back & sides make it sturdy and easy to clean. The side-part (left or right, your choice) and nylon centre add comfort and styling flexibility. 
    Medium to heavy hair density? It can take it. For  "tape and go" types craving a system that can survive a manhandling and sport a better front appearance than similar bases, then you should consider this conventional base.