Distinguished grey haired gentlemanDid you know that men and women spend billions of dollars every year on colouring products to cover up grey hair? That’s kind of funny because, for hair systems, the right amount of grey can add unbelievable realism for a totally undetectable look.
You may come across the term, “grey percentages” as you tool around this or other hair replacement sites. But what does that mean? Other than what our kids give to us on a daily basis, grey percentages are the amount of grey hair you add to a unit vs. its dominant colour.
For example, you could be wearing a hair system that’s 70% brown, and 30% grey. And it’s that touch of grey that makes your hair system easier to blend into your growing hair, keeps your unit from looking like one unnatural solid colour and creates a more realistic-looking hair system.
Adding grey to your hair system
Figuring out the correct grey percentage, or even the type of grey hair to order can be confusing. How much is too much? Is synthetic grey or human grey better? Here are some tips for ordering grey for your system:
  • Use a colour ring – A hair system colour ring contains several shades of hair samples of different colour shades, usually with grey percentages to help you match the colour of your growing hair. Most hair replacement companies should be able to provide you with colour ring. 
  • Add grey gradually – Concerned about how much grey to put in your unit? You can always start out with a small amount and add more over time. This method can be especially useful as you age for a graceful transition to a silver fox! And your hair company should be flexible enough to change your colour preferences without added cost.
  • Colour your unit after colouring your growing hair – If you colour your natural hair, send in samples of the coloured hair or match it to a colour ring. If you send in samples of your growing hair before it’s coloured, your unit may arrive with a lighter shade than you expected.
Synthetic grey vs. human grey
The general rule of thumb is to use synthetic grey when adding grey percentages to a hair system. This is usually because when you colour a unit, synthetic grey will resist the colour change. Plus, synthetic grey is slow to oxidize (colour-fade). Human grey hair is easier to style and has a "real feel," but can turn yellowish over time.
Remember that 70/30 example? Typically, the 70% would be human hair, the 30% synthetic grey. But there may be times when you want to use all human grey in a unit, like if your entire system is grey. Obviously, human hair is going to look more natural. But if you’re worried about colour-fading, you can use products for oxidation prevention and colour correction to keep the gold tones away.
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