It is important that we get the hair samples as they help us to dye the hair system the exact colour you want. Hair colour is not easy to describe and a slight change in shade can be troublesome for you and that’s why a photo taken can also be misleading. Every individual has a different shade and in fact, you yourself have three to four different shades of hair colour. Sending us your hair samples will help us to create the best hair system for you.

To take sample choose 100 to 200 hair strands of 2 - 3 cm long.

If the hair colour is spread evenly on your head send us single sample but as told if there are different shades of hair colour than do send us the samples in following way.


-       The front bangs
-       Top, that is middle top of the head
-       The crown part that is the back part of the middle of your head
-       Front sides of your head called temples
-       The side bangs above the ears
-       Back part of the head which is the lower extreme of the head

Mark each sample clearly with the description ie.  TOP, TEMPLE, SIDE, which will help us for easy identification and matching.
Sending photos of hair samples will NOT work as the colour in photos can appear different to the actual colour.

The texture of hair is very different in the artificial light and in sunlight, and in such situations using photos can and will create a problem when determining your actual hair colour.