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Hair Direction

The hair direction will determine the type of hairstyle that can be achieved from a hair system. The individual strands of hair can be attached to the hair system base 'strand-by-strand' at predetermined angles, which will govern the direction the hair will fall.

Many clients like to choose a hair direction similar to their own before experiencing hair loss. Alternatively, you may like to opt for a hair direction which best suits your current hairstyle requirements.  For example, If you always brush your hair in a particular style, i.e. left parting, then you would be advised to choose 'Left Parting' because the hair will naturally fall into this shape making it easier for you to manage. However, if you prefer to experiment with different styles then the 'Free Style' option will best suit your needs. The hair on a freestyle unit can be styled in any direction, giving you the option to part your hair anywhere, brush it forward or straight back.

Here is a list of the hair direction options available:

- Freestyle (most popular)
- Left Break (without defined parting)
- Right Break (without defined parting)
- Left Parting (with defined parting)
- Right Parting (with defined parting)
- Centre Parting (with defined parting)
- Left Crown
- Right Crown
- Centre Crown
- Brushed forward
- Brushed back